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This is an Unofficial API of the OG Urban Dictionary. Explore the API with various query parameters. Contribute to the open source project on the Github repo.!

Endpoints Click on endpoint to switch

Search for a given word on Urban Dictionary.
Get a random word from Urban Dictionary.
Browse Urban Dictionary by A-Z, new, or *.
Get definitions for a particular author.
Get definitions on a particular date.

Query Parameters /search

term - The term that you wish to search
words or phrases
Eg. yeet, Weird flex but OK
strict - Whether to return only exact matches
true, false (default)
Eg. return only "bigger" and not "biggering", "biggered"
limit - Specify the number of definitions to be returned
values > 0
Eg. limit = 6, only 6 definitions will be returned
matchCase - Toggle case-sensitive matching
true, false (default)
Eg. whether to return "hello" or "hEllO"
page - Get definitions from a particular page
values > 1
Eg. page = 5, get all definitions from the 5th page only
multiPage - Get definitions from a given range of pages
false or 'min,max'
Eg. '2,4' will return all definitions from page 2 to page 4


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